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Histone acetyltransferase p300 is a protein in humans that is encoded by EP300 gene. Histone acetyltransferase p300 also known as p300 HAT or E1A-associated protein p300. It functions as histone acetyltransferase that regulates transcription of genes via chromatin remodeling This enzyme plays an essential role in regulating cell growth and division, prompting cells to mature and assume specialized functions (differentiate), and preventing the growth of cancerous tumors. The p300 protein appears to be critical for normal development before and after birth. The EP300 gene is located on the long (q) arm of the human chromosome 22 at position 13.2. This gene encodes the adenovirus E1A-associated cellular p300 transcriptional co-activator protein. EP300 is closely related to another gene, CREB binding protein, which is found on human chromosome 16.

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