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丝氨酸/苏氨酸蛋白激酶B-raf是由BRAF基因编码的人类蛋白质。它参与将来自细胞膜的有丝分裂信号传递到细胞核中,可能在海马神经元的突触后反应中发挥作用。它磷酸化MAP2K1,并因此促进MAP激酶信号转导途径 。
Serine/threonine-protein kinase B-raf is a protein in humans that is encoded by BRAF gene. Protein kinase involved in the transduction of mitogenic signals from the cell membrane to the nucleus. May play a role in the postsynaptic responses of hippocampal neuron. Phosphorylates MAP2K1, and thereby contributes to the MAP kinase signal transduction pathway.

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