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LIM domain-containing protein ajubais a protein in humans that is encoded by AJUBA gene. Adapter or scaffold protein which participates in the assembly of numerous protein complexes and is involved in several cellular processes such as cell fate determination, cytoskeletal organization, repression of gene transcription, mitosis, cell-cell adhesion, cell differentiation, proliferation and migration. Contributes to the linking and/or strengthening of epithelia cell-cell junctions in part by linking adhesive receptors to the actin cytoskeleton. May be involved in signal transduction from cell adhesion sites to the nucleus. Plays an important role in regulation of the kinase activity of AURKA for mitotic commitment. Also a component of the IL-1 signaling pathway modulating IL-1-induced NFKB1 activation by influencing the assembly and activity of the PRKCZ-SQSTM1-TRAF6 multiprotein signaling complex. Functions as an HDAC-dependent corepressor for a subset of GFI1 target genes.

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AJUBA Proteins for Homo sapiens (Human)

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