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Recombinant Human Interleukin-17F protein (IL17F)

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  • 纯度:
    >95% as determined by SDS-PAGE.
  • 内毒素:
    Less than 1.0 EU/μg as determined by LAL method.
  • 生物活性:
    Fully biologically active when compared to standard. The ED50 as determined by inducing IL-6 secretion of murine NIH/3T3 cells is less than 20 ng/ml, corresponding to a specific activity of >5.0x104 IU/mg.
  • 基因名:
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  • 别名:
    CANDF6; Cytokine ML 1; Cytokine ML-1; IL 17F; IL 24; IL-17F; IL-24; Il17f; IL17F_HUMAN; Interleukin 17F; Interleukin 24; Interleukin-17F; Interleukin-24; ML 1; ML1; Mutant IL 17F; OTTHUMP00000016602
  • 种属:
    Homo sapiens (Human)
  • 蛋白长度:
    Full Length of Mature Protein
  • 来源:
  • 分子量:
    15 kDa
  • 表达区域:
  • 氨基酸序列
  • 蛋白标签:
  • 产品提供形式:
    Liquid or Lyophilized powder
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  • 缓冲液:
    0.2 μm filtered PBS, pH 7.4 ,lyophilized
  • 储存条件:
    Store at -20°C/-80°C upon receipt, aliquoting is necessary for mutiple use. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
  • 保质期:
    The shelf life is related to many factors, storage state, buffer ingredients, storage temperature and the stability of the protein itself.
    Generally, the shelf life of liquid form is 6 months at -20°C/-80°C. The shelf life of lyophilized form is 12 months at -20°C/-80°C.
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    5-10 business days
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  • 功能:
    Effector cytokine of innate and adaptive immune system involved in antimicrobial host defense and maintenance of tissue integrity. IL17A-IL17F signals via IL17RA-IL17RC heterodimeric receptor complex, triggering homotypic interaction of IL17RA and IL17RC chains with TRAF3IP2 adapter through SEFIR domains. This leads to downstream TRAF6-mediated activation of NF-kappa-B and MAPkinase pathways ultimately resulting in transcriptional activation of cytokines, chemokines, antimicrobial peptides and matrix metalloproteinases, with potential strong immune inflammation. IL17A-IL17F is primarily involved in host defense against extracellular bacteria and fungi by inducing neutrophilic inflammation. As signature effector cytokine of T-helper 17 cells (Th17), primarily induces neutrophil activation and recruitment at infection and inflammatory sites. Stimulates the production of antimicrobial beta-defensins DEFB1, DEFB103A, and DEFB104A by mucosal epithelial cells, limiting the entry of microbes through the epithelial barriers. IL17F homodimer can signal via IL17RC homodimeric receptor complex, triggering downstream activation of TRAF6 and NF-kappa-B signaling pathway. Via IL17RC induces transcriptional activation of IL33, a potent cytokine that stimulates group 2 innate lymphoid cells and adaptive T-helper 2 cells involved in pulmonary allergic response to fungi. Likely via IL17RC, promotes sympathetic innervation of peripheral organs by coordinating the communication between gamma-delta T cells and parenchymal cells. Stimulates sympathetic innervation of thermogenic adipose tissue by driving TGFB1 expression. Regulates the composition of intestinal microbiota and immune tolerance by inducing antimicrobial proteins that specifically control the growth of commensal Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes.
  • 基因功能参考文献:
    1. the results suggest that IL17F genetic polymorphism is not associated with the development of rheumatic heart disease in South Indian population PMID: 29985710
    2. The expression of IL-6 gene and protein was significantly induced by IL-17F. IL-17F activated TAK1 and NF-kappaB in airway smooth muscle cells. PMID: 28474507
    3. IL-17FA7488G polymorphism was not significantly associated with colorectal cancer risk PMID: 29970680
    4. a dietary pattern reflecting inflammation was significantly associated with colorectal cancer risk and this association could be modified according to the IL-17F rs763780 genotype and anatomic site. PMID: 29874787
    5. Malignant T cells activate endothelial cells via IL-17 F. PMID: 28731459
    6. The AA genotype on 7489A/G single nucleotide polymorphism of IL-17F and the A allele might be associated with a lower risk of acute rejection with better graft survival in kidney transplant recipients. PMID: 29407292
    7. Findings suggest that IL-17F rs1889570 gene polymorphisms are significantly associated with the susceptibility to severe EV71 infection in Chinese Han children. PMID: 29549443
    8. P-TEFb is involved in IL-17F-induced IL-8 expression and that steroids diminish it via the inhibition of CDK9 phosphorylation. PMID: 29649811
    9. The IL-17F (+7488A/G) genotype revealed a significantly increased risk of accelerated silicosis. The IL-17F (+7488 G) allele was associated with an increased risk of accelerated silicosis. PMID: 28481151
    10. developed ultrasensitive methods for measuring IL-17A and IL-17F in human serum samples and found that serum from psoriasis patients had higher and a broader range of concentrations of both IL-17 proteins compared to healthy volunteers PMID: 28534291
    11. SNPs of rs3819024 in IL-17A and rs763780 in IL-17F were weakly related to a prognosis of tuberculosis. PMID: 27339100
    12. IL17F (rs2397084) and IL10 (rs1800871) genes are associated with functional dyspepsia. PMID: 28965252
    13. a mutation in IL-17F is associated with susceptibility to recurrent aphthous stomatitis PMID: 29458167
    14. the G allele at rs763780 (IL-17F) was significantly associated with Takayasu Arteritis in Asian Indian population PMID: 28438554
    15. levels of mRNA IL-17F and IL17F might be useful parameters for the diagnosis of atopic asthma patient PMID: 28606156
    16. IL-17F rs763780 polymorphisms may be associated with the development of primary immune thrombocytopenia in a Chinese Han population. PMID: 26620416
    17. In this study, IL-17F was demonstrated to have functions comparable to IL-17A in human keratinocytes. PMID: 27576147
    18. Serum IL-17F predicted increased knee bone marrow lesion scores in females only among patients with knee osteoarthritis. PMID: 27836676
    19. IL-17A and IL-17F polymorphisms therefore have the potential to act as predictive biomarkers for cervical cancer risk PMID: 28621613
    20. The results suggest the possible involvement of the polymorphisms of IL17A G197A (rs2275913) and IL17F T7488C (rs763780) in the susceptibility to chronic Chagas disease and in development and progression of cardiomyopathy. PMID: 28470012
    21. our study provides an inclusive meta-analysis of the function of IL-17A rs2275913 and IL-17F rs763780 genetic variations in inflammatory diseases risk. The results indicated that these two genetic variations of IL-17A and IL-17F were risk factors for inflammatory diseases, particularly RA. PMID: 28186427
    22. This meta-analysis with seven articles in 697 patients diagnosed with chronic periodontitis , 188 patients diagnosed with aggressive periodontitis and 655 control patients totaling 1540 participants showed a non-significant association between the rs2275913 polymorphism in the IL-17A gene and the rs763780 polymorphism in the IL-17F gene with the risk of chronic periodontitis, or with aggressive periodontitis PMID: 29027636
    23. our study provides the evidence that functional IL-23R rs1884444 G/T and IL-17F rs763780 A/G polymorphisms may be a new genetic susceptibility factor to SLE, especially in the Polish population. PMID: 27320770
    24. IL23R rs10889677 and IL17A rs2275913 were not associated with the susceptibility to Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). In conclusion, data suggest that a variant of IL17F (rs763780) may contribute to the development of NEC. PMID: 28224332
    25. Our results confirmed IL17A and IL17F as potential candidate genes involved in RA. They play pivoting roles in the susceptibility and in clinical features of RA disease. Responses to RA treatments are differently conditioned by polymorphisms in IL17A and IL17F genes. PMID: 28143790
    26. IL17A and IL17F gene polymorphism are not the important factors associated with susceptibility and some clinical parameters of rheumatoid arthritis in a Polish population. PMID: 27169372
    27. we aimed to investigate the associations between the 7383A/G and 7488A/G polymorphisms of the interleukin (IL)-17F gene with disease activity and clinical outcomes in Turkish patients with ankylosing spondylitis PMID: 27155445
    28. Using an in-vitro migration assay, B cells were shown to migrate towards both IL-17A and IL-17F. These observations indicate a direct chemotactic effect of IL-17 cytokines on primary peripheral blood B cells with higher effect being on asthmatic B cells. PMID: 25494178
    29. IL-17-related cytokines expression was amplified in bronchial/nasal mucosa of neutrophilic asthma prone to exacerbation, suggesting a pathogenic role of IL-17F in frequent exacerbators. PMID: 27931975
    30. IL-17A (-197G/A) and IL-17F (7488T/C) SNPs were not associated with susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis or secondary Sjogrens syndrome (sSS, p > 0.05 for both SNPs). In addition, they did not influence RA activity or clinical markers of SS. PMID: 26232893
    31. It can be stated that the IL17A and IL17F polymorphisms are not markers of susceptibility to psoriasis. However, the IL17F polymorphism may affect the response to NB-UVB therapy. PMID: 27591988
    32. Elevated aAbs against IL-17F correlate with disease activity in patients with early rheumatoid arthritis. PMID: 26087054
    33. Study provides evidence that polymorphisms of both IL-17A and IL-17F may increase lung cancer risk in Chinese population. PMID: 26073462
    34. this study shows that Korean patients with psoriasis show a strong association for IL17F single nucleotide polymorphism PMID: 27774581
    35. we analyzed the association of three polymorphism loci (rs2275913, 197 G/A; rs3748067, 383 A/G; and rs763780, 7488 T/C) of IL-17A and IL-17F with laryngeal cancer. Allele and genotype frequencies of IL-17A rs2275913 were significantly different between patients and controls with rs2275913 (197 G/A) AA and GA+AA genotypes compared to the GG genotype significantly higher in patients. PMID: 28362993
    36. These findings identify a novel biological function for IL-17A/F as an indirect angiogenic agent. PMID: 27594509
    37. IL-17F was correlated with increased autoantibody levels and disease activity in primary Sjogren's syndrome and is more clinically relevant than IL-17A. PMID: 28210632
    38. No relationship between IL17F rs763780 and rs9463772 polymorphisms and Henoch-Schonlein purpura susceptibility. PMID: 27021337
    39. Single nucleotide polymorphisms in IL-17F A7488G but not IL-17A are associated with the development of chronic immune thrombocytopenia in China. PMID: 27312555
    40. Study represents a comprehensive meta-analysis of the role of IL-17A rs2275913 and IL-17F rs763780 polymorphisms in cancer risk and demonstrated that these two polymorphisms significantly increase the risk of development of cancer, particularly gastric cancer. PMID: 26843459
    41. Levels of IL-17FF were significantly higher in rheumatoid arthritis sera and showed a trend of increase in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, as compared with normal healthy subjects. PMID: 27620302
    42. Polymorphism of IL-17 rs3748067 and rs763780 is closely associated with gastric cancer development. Polymorphism of L-17 rs2275913 and rs4711998 may be correlated with the risk for gastric cancer. PMID: 27097946
    43. ELISA analysis verified high levels of Th17-associated proinflammatory cytokines such as interleukin-17A/F, interleukin-6 and interleukin-23 and low levels of inflammatory inhibitory factors including interleukin-10 and transforming growth factor-beta in primary immune thrombocytopenia patients compared with normal controls. PMID: 26484642
    44. The GGAGAA combined genotype and the GGA haplotype of IL-17A rs2275913, IL-17F rs763780 and rs2397084 can be considered risk factors for the development of systemic lupus erythematosus in Egyptian children. PMID: 26515887
    45. GA genotype of the rs11465553 IL17F gene polymorphism may be associated with a significantly higher risk of graft function loss and return to dialysis after kidney transplantation. PMID: 26447633
    46. No associations were found between rs8193036, rs2275913 and rs3748067 in IL-17A and rs763780 in IL-17F SNPs and myasthenia gravis in Chinese patients PMID: 26337284
    47. No evidence of the association was observed between rs3748067, rs3819025, rs763780, rs9382084, and rs1266828 polymorphisms and the risk of cervical cancer. PMID: 26505366
    48. higher expression level in chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients PMID: 26478573
    49. In vitro, CSE stimulation significantly increased IL-17F and IL-17R in 16HBE (2.5%) and A549 (5%) while IL-17A and IL-17F in PBMC (10%). IL-17A and CSE stimulation, rather than CSE or rhIL-17A alone, increased proliferation in 16HBE and apoptosis in A549 PMID: 26198032
    50. A G/G genotype of rs766748 in IL-17F, and a C/C or C/A genotype of rs1883136 in TRAF3IP2. PMID: 26558270



  • 相关疾病:
    Candidiasis, familial, 6 (CANDF6)
  • 亚细胞定位:
  • 蛋白家族:
    IL-17 family
  • 组织特异性:
    Expressed in T-helper 1 and T-helper 2 cells, basophils and mast cells.
  • 数据库链接:

    HGNC: 16404

    OMIM: 606496

    KEGG: hsa:112744

    STRING: 9606.ENSP00000337432

    UniGene: Hs.272295