Rat Insulin-like growth factor binding protein 1,IGFBP-1 ELISA Kit

  • 中文名称:
    大鼠胰岛素样生长因子结合蛋白1(IGFBP-1)ELISA Kit
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  • 别名:
    Igfbp1 ELISA Kit; Igfbp-1 ELISA Kit; Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 1 ELISA Kit; IBP-1 ELISA Kit; IGF-binding protein 1 ELISA Kit; IGFBP-1 ELISA Kit
  • 缩写:
  • Uniprot No.:
  • 种属:
    Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
  • 样本类型:
    serum, plasma, cell culture supernates, tissue homogenates
  • 检测范围:
    15.6 pg/mL-1000 pg/mL
  • 灵敏度:
    3.9 pg/mL
  • 反应时间:
  • 样本体积:
  • 检测波长:
    450 nm
  • 研究领域:
    Signal Transduction
  • 测定原理:
  • 测定方法:
  • 精密度:
    Intra-assay Precision (Precision within an assay): CV%<8%      
    Three samples of known concentration were tested twenty times on one plate to assess.  
    Inter-assay Precision (Precision between assays): CV%<10%      
    Three samples of known concentration were tested in twenty assays to assess.    
  • 线性度:
    To assess the linearity of the assay, samples were spiked with high concentrations of rat IGFBP-1 in various matrices and diluted with the Sample Diluent to produce samples with values within the dynamic range of the assay.
      Sample Serum(n=4)  
    1:100 Average % 87  
    Range % 80-94  
    1:200 Average % 97  
    Range % 91-105  
    1:400 Average % 88  
    Range % 81-95  
    1:800 Average % 100  
    Range % 95-94  
  • 回收率:
    The recovery of rat IGFBP-1 spiked to levels throughout the range of the assay in various matrices was evaluated. Samples were diluted prior to assay as directed in the Sample Preparation section.
    Sample Type Average % Recovery Range  
    Serum (n=5) 94 89-99  
    EDTA plasma (n=4) 92 87-97  
  • 标准曲线:
    These standard curves are provided for demonstration only. A standard curve should be generated for each set of samples assayed.
    pg/ml OD1 OD2 Average Corrected  
    1000 2.142 2.287 2.215 2.030  
    500 1.882 1.897 1.890 1.705  
    250 1.297 1.324 1.311 1.126  
    125 0.803 0.815 0.809 0.624  
    62.5 0.492 0.506 0.499 0.314  
    31.2 0.360 0.387 0.374 0.189  
    15.6 0.273 0.288 0.281 0.096  
    0 0.184 0.186 0.185    
  • 货期:
    3-5 working days


  • 功能:
    IGF-binding proteins prolong the half-life of the IGFs and have been shown to either inhibit or stimulate the growth promoting effects of the IGFs on cell culture. They alter the interaction of IGFs with their cell surface receptors. Promotes cell migration (By similarity).
  • 基因功能参考文献:
    1. In simulated sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome, intermittent hypoxia in young rats does not cause physical growth retardation, but serum IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 levels decreased with the increase of hypoxia and decline of oxygen saturation. PMID: 22805023
    2. up-regulation of IGFBP-1 in oligodendrocytes in multiple sclerosis may serve two functions: (i) regulate IGF-1 actions, (ii) exert IGF-independent effects through its RGD sequence PMID: 20345750
    3. Insulin regulation of insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-1 gene expression PMID: 11784721
    4. regulation of expression by insulin is impaired by presence of hydrogen peroxide PMID: 11942857
    5. IGFBP-1 and IGFBP-3 are present in phosphorylated form in fasted rat skin, which induced inhibition of collagen biosynthesis in cultured fibroblasts PMID: 12670795
    6. IGFBP-1 released during the early steps of liver tissue damage and repair may interact with liver cells and potentiate the sensitivity of IGF-I to mitogenic signals. PMID: 15070850
    7. In this report we demonstrate that in H4IIE-C3 cells, four distinct classes of GSK-3 inhibitor mimic the effect of insulin on a third thymine-rich insulin response element-containing gene, IGFBP-1. PMID: 15350195
    8. Iron, radical oxygen species, and HIF-2 and -3 as well as prolyl hydroxylase pathways play important roles in mediating effects of hypoxia on IGFBP-1 gene expression in liver. PMID: 16166214
    9. insulin inhibition of IGFBP-1 mRNA levels can occur in the absence of the phosphorylation of Foxo1/Foxo3, whereas activation of the mTOR pathway is both necessary and sufficient PMID: 16455781
    10. Activation of the mTOR pathway, without activation of its upstream regulator PI 3-kinase, reduces IGFBP1 expression. PMID: 17032741
    11. Age-related oxidative stress underlies the upregulated JNK activation and IGFBP-1 expression. PMID: 17645865



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